About Us

The Cook Islands Motor Centre Ltd has operated in the Cook Islands for over forty years and has always supplied quality products backed up by manufacturer’s warranty.

We have a very professional sales team to answer any questions that may arise be
they technical or otherwise.

Our sales team consists of our sales manager Te Tuhi Kelly, 3 full time Sales people with many years combined experience, 5 full time assembly/grooming staff managed by Tangi Tere who has been with the company since its opening 40 years ago.

We stock some of the best and well known brands from around the world including: Nissan, Honda (including motorvehicles, motorcycles, marine and power products), Electrolux, Simpson, & Westinghouse, Briggs & Stratton, to name just a few. We can source just about any product from anywhere around the world!
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Sales Staff: Te Tuhi Kelly(Sales Manager)Oliver Syme Barbara Ruaporo,John Young Assembly/Grooming Staff: Tokoa Arioka, Rouru Temata, Junior …